Enterprise Manager ERROR: NMO not setuid-root (Unix-only)

While trying to assign an OS user credentials in EM 10.2.04 I’m getting this error:

ERROR: NMO not setuid-root (Unix-only)

Cause was:

The <AGENT_HOME>/root.sh script was not run after the Agent installation.
Check the permissions and ownership of the nmo and nmb executable in the <AGENT_HOME>/bin, where the management agent has been installed:

ls -al nmo 
ls -al nmb

Output should be like:

-rwsr-s--- 1 root dba 22465 Apr 13 17:53 nmo 
-rwsr-s--- 1 root dba 18055 Apr 13 17:53 nmb

Solution is to set the correct permission and ownership on both files (hint search nmo, nmb from root.sh):

$ sudo chown root $ORACLE_HOME/bin/nmo
$ sudo chmod 6750 $ORACLE_HOME/bin/nmo
$ sudo chown root $ORACLE_HOME/bin/nmb
$ sudo chmod 6750 $ORACLE_HOME/bin/nmb

$ ls -la ./bin/nm?

-rwsr-s—  1 root dba 18801 Jan  8  2009 ./bin/nmb
-rwsr-s—  1 root dba 19987 Jan  8  2009 ./bin/nmo

This should fix the problem and allow us to set OS user credentials in EM.


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