HowTo License(‘Install’) Oracle E-Business Products

One issue resolved by this HowTo is:
INVIDITM “You Must Allow Access To At Least One Attribute Group”. [ID 805804.1]
(on Vision Instance,  INV responsibliry -> Items ->Master Items Form )

If a product(s) is to be licensed which is in base release

1) Log into OAM as sysadmin

select Site Map -> License Manager -> License Applications Product [OR] execute $AD_TOP/sql/adlicmgr.sql

2) Select the product(s) to be licensed.

3) Click on submit button.

(The Products are now licensed but not ready to be used as none of
theForms/Packages etc would have been compiled and loaded into the
Database for thesenew Products.Use adadmin to generate the files for
the new Product/s)

4) Run Adadmin

1) Select Generate Application Files menu

a) Select all of the following Menu options:

1) Generate message files

2) Generate forms files

3) Generate report files

4) Generate graphic files

5) Generate product JAR files

2) Select Compile/Reload Applications Database Entities menu:

1) Compile APPS schema

2) Compile menu information

3) Compile flexfields

5) Once complete check that the Forms/JSPs for the new Products licensed now work.

The Products are now ready to be configured.

If a product(s) is to be licensed which is released after base release (Off-Cycle Products)

1) Do above 1-3 steps and follow below steps.

2) Download the ADSPLICE patch for required product from Metalink.

3) Unzip the patch.

4) Copy newprod.txt, <prod_short_name>prod.txt, <prod_short_name>terr.txt (3 files)

from patch_top to $APPL_TOP/admin/

5) Edit “newprods.txt” as follows:(For OATM enabled environment)





6) Run adsplice

#adsplice must be run from the admin directory under APPL_TOP only

When prompted for ADSplicer control file enter newprods.txt

Note: – The AD splicer will regenerate the environment file or registry.

If there are manual modifications to the environment file or the registry,

those changes will need to be applied again.

7) Verify that the product top is defined by,

1) echo $<prod>_TOP

2) select a.APPLICATION_ID, i.STATUS from fnd_application a,

fnd_product_installations i where a.APPLICATION_ID=i.APPLICATION_ID

and a.APPLICATION_SHORT_NAME =’&applshortname’;

* should return status as ‘I’ *

8 ) Now apply the patch (udriver), which was downloaded through adpatch in the new



1) While selecting the products for licensing, we couldn’t able to find a product called

“manufacturing (MFG)”.

Solution: – we manually update status in fnd_product_installations table like…

SQL>update fnd_product_installations set status = ‘I’ where APPLICATION_ID =700;

SQL> commit;

Note:- u can get the product id by…


from fnd_application ,fnd_product_installations i


and a.APPLICATION_SHORT_NAME =’&applshortname’;


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