OCI8 1.4 and Oracle PHP Tracing

We are still being haunted by ORA-3136 issue on one of the server. One of the problem with most webapps connecting to oracle server is the lack of info that we can gather during tracing. since most of the connection coming from one IP, user (they share same oracle login), no application name(module) is available in tracefile.

Here’s some notes regarding the components of DB Server and Web Server:

– DB server is running RHEL5.1 64bit (2.6.18-92.el5xen Kernel ?)
– Oracle, ++ Terabyte Size, SGA=5g
– Gigabit Lan

Web Server :

– RHEL 5.1 ( kernel 2.6.18-53.el5 )
– Apache 2.2.3
– PHP 5.1.6
– OCI8 1.4.0 Alpha
– Gigabit Lan

Found the cause of the issue by browsing through the php codes of the web apps which turned out to be db connections not being closed.



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