Oracle Apps 11i windows cold backup method and script

The following scripts are configured to run via
windows task scheduler.

Stop Oracle Apps Services (apache, forms, reports, concurrent, discoverer, etc..)

@echo OFF
REM D:\oracle\VIScomn\admin\scripts\VIS_il005009\adstpall.cmd apps/fnd
net stop OracleDiscoverer4i_VIS
net stop "Oracle Fulfillment Server VIS_il005009"
net stop "Oracle Metrics Client VIS_il005009"
net stop "Oracle Metrics Server VIS_il005009"
net stop "Oracle Reports Server [Rep60_VIS]"
net stop "OracleFormsServer-Forms60VIS_il005009"
net stop "Oracle Apache Server VIS_il005009"
net stop "OracleConcMgrVIS_il005009"
net stop "OracleVISOra806_2TNSListener80APPS_ILP3"

Stop the database tier services (listener, Oracle DB Service)

Script to Stop the db services:

@echo off
echo Stopping the database..
D:\oracle\ilp3db\9.2.0\appsutil\scripts\VIS_il005009\addbctl.cmd stop normal
net stop OracleServiceVIS
D:\oracle\ilp3db\9.2.0\appsutil\scripts\VIS_il005009\addlnctl.cmd stop VIS

Script to do a cold backup of oracle db/apps:

SET PATH=%PATH%;C:\mksnt\bin;C:\mksnt\mksnt
SET PREFIX=%date:~10%%date:~4,2%%date:~7,2%%time:~0,2%%time:~3,2%
cd D:\oracle
tar -cvz -f c:\bkup\%PREFIX%_visdata.tgz visdata
tar -cvz -f c:\bkup\%PREFIX%_visdb.tgz visdb
tar -cvz -f c:\bkup\%PREFIX%_visappl.tgz visappl
tar -cvz -f c:\bkup\%PREFIX%_viscomn.tgz viscomn
tar -cvz -f c:\bkup\%PREFIX%_visora.tgz visora
cd C:\bkup
rem Remove backup files older than 7 days
C:\mksnt\mksnt\find.exe C:\bkup -name '*.tgz' -mtime +7 | xargs rm -f
rem xcopy /e /v /c /f /h /y ilp3* \\nas\APPSbackup

After cold backup Start the DB Tier services:

@echo off
net start OracleVIS_db920_RDBMSTNSListenerVIS
net start OracleServiceVIS
Then start the APPS tier services
@echo OFF
REM D:\oracle\viscomn\admin\scripts\VIS_il005009\adstrtall.cmd apps/fnd

net start "OracleVISOra806_2TNSListener80APPS_VIS"
net start "Oracle Apache Server VIS_il005009"
net start "OracleFormsServer-Forms60VIS_il005009"
net start "Oracle Reports Server [Rep60_VIS]"
net start "Oracle Metrics Server VIS_il005009"
net start "Oracle Metrics Client VIS_il005009"
net start "Oracle Fulfillment Server VIS_il005009"
rem net start OracleDiscoverer4i_VIS
net start "OracleConcMgrVIS_il005009"



– IL005009 = hostname of Windows 2003
– VIS = sid
– This is a single node setup

– This backup method is being used on an instance that is not running RMAN backup.


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