Create a Database link in GL for FSG transfer

Create a Database link in GL to transfer FSG reports

While performing this task “Copying Report Objects From Another Database (FSG Transfer Program)” Chapter 6-78 of General Ledger User Guide of Oracle Apps R12.1, the instruction for creating database link does not provide enough detailed instruction on what to input in the db link screen specially with regards to ‘Connection String’ text box.

I have done this several times but i find myself repeatedly digging for documented and detailed step by step instruction on how to do it.
So here is the illustrated steps with focus on how to obtain and input the connection string:

First login/ssh to the source database and open tnsnames.ora.
Copy the section starting from ‘Description down to matching closing parenthesis.

Figure 1 (TNSname of the source instance)

Paste the texts into notepad and remove the line breaks to make it into single line.
Refer to the text displayed on the bottom of figure 2 for the single line connect string.

3) Connect to the target oracle apps instance and navigate to ‘DB links’.
Copy  the single line and paste it into ‘Connection String’ text box of the Oracle DB Links window.

Fill in the other required info, such as DB_NAME, domain name, apps user and password of the source instance.

Figure 2 (Database Links window of the target instance)


To double check successful creation of the dblinks from sqlplus:

sql> select * from dba_db_links;

This should list the recently created db_link, showing the entered connection string on the ‘HOST’ column.


FSG Transfer Troubleshooting Guide (Doc ID 161635.1)
Unable To Define Database Link; APP-RG-09518: An Error Occurred While Creating A Database Link (Doc ID 356345.1)



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