How to create a Customer Record in VISION (R12.1.1)

We have a stock install of Oracle Applications R12.1.1 Vision instance on Linux 5.5 x64 and the functional consultants are having issue where “Create” button on account receivable customer (AR) OAF form  not showing.

Suspecting that jsp files just need to be recompiled I did a full recompile using:
$FND_TOP/patch/115/bin/perl –compile –flush -p 2
then followed by apps bounce but still no ‘create’ button.

A forum post by AnnapurnaChittilla saved the day 🙂 here are the steps to resolve the issue:

1. Login and goto the ‘System Administrator’ Responsibility
2. Goto Security –> Responsibility –> Define
3. Query for the responsibility that you are using.          “Receivables, Vision Operations (USA)”
4. Note down the Menu Name from the Menu Field.               “AR_NAVIGATE_GUI”
5. Now goto Application –> Menu
6. Query for the Menu noted down in step 4.                 “AR_NAVIGATE_GUI”
7. Note down the value from the Submenu field against the ‘Customers’ in the Prompt field.     “AR_CUSTOMERS_GUI”
8. Now query for that Menu noted in step 7.        “AR_CUSTOMERS_GUI”
9. Now against the ‘Customers’ Prompt check for the value for the Function field.
10. Change the value for the Function field to standard ‘AR Customer Search’
11. Save the record.


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