Physical Inventory Integrator “oracle.apps.bne.exception.BneInvalidException”

Initial run of Fixed Assets physical inventory integrator results in this error:

Your document is being created. Do not close this window until processing completes.

Fatal error: Please have your system administrator view the bne.log file. oracle.apps.bne.exception.BneInvalidException: The value $PARAM$.LOCATION_FLEXNUM for OA_FLEX_NUM in the flexfield definition is invalid or empty for the interface column identified by Integrator code: 140:FA_PHY_INV, Interface Code 140:FA_INV_INTERFACE and sequence number 10 Please contact your support representative.

To validate the issue, run SQL: 

select *

( zero row in YGC-UAT instance )

The results may show inventory rows, but check to see if any of them are currently active (not end dated).
There must be a minimum of one valid inventory available and not end dated for the integrator to be opened.


Under the Fixed Asset Manager responsibility navigate to the Physical Inventory form and enter a new name for a new physical inventory, with no end date. Once this is saved, attempt to use the integrator via WebADI again.



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