APP-AR-11526 ORA-20100 Error FND_FILE failure

Recurring Invoice Program is throwing the APP-AR-11526 error.
With our instance this was caused by the none existent UTL_FILE_DIR path.

To resolve this issue check the v$parameter value of UTL_FILE_DIR, its ownership and permissions.

<code class="jive-code jive-java">SQL> select value from v$parameter where upper(name) = <font color="navy">'UTL_FILE_DIR'</font>;

/usr/tmp, /oracle/UAT/utl_file_dir, /oracle/UAT/db/tech_st/11.1.0/appsutil/outbo
und/UAT_oratemp, /usr/tmp


Our instance writes to /oracle/UAT/utl_file_dir and this folder was not there so we have to create it,
make sure its owned by oracle user and dba.

# mkdir /oracle/UAT/utl_file_dir
# chown -R orauat:dba /oracle/UAT/utl_file_dir
# chmod 775 /oracle/UAT/utl_file_dir

Sample log file of the failing concurrent program:

Receivables: Version : 12.0.0

Copyright (c) 1979, 1999, Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.

ARXREC module: Recurring Invoice Program

Current system time is 05-DEC-2011 13:14:11


arxrec – Starting ARXREC program for request_id 425043

arxrec – Calling arreci.

Inv customer_trx_id = 1489

Inv trx_number = 10129

Inv trx_date = 06-DEC-2011

Inv billing_date =

Inv term_due_date = 05-JAN-2012

Inv gl_date = 06-DEC-2011

hrel_nine.arr[0]=[4e] hrel_nine.arr[1]=[0]


length of hcustomer_trx_id: [4] 0:[31][1] 1:[34][4] 2:[38][8] 3:[39][9]

ncustomer_trx_id: [xffa51b80] [1489]


Fetching nextval from RA_CUSTOMER_TRX_Sarreci – Create lines for invoice 10129 ct_id 1498


Inserting into RA_CUSTOMER_TRX

TRX – 1 row(s) inserted

UPDATING RA_CUSTOMER_TRX FOR TRXN_IDhcustomer_trx_id = 1489 new_customer_trx_id=1498Populating ZX_TRX_HEADERS_GT

Fetching Minm. Accountable Unit

Declare orig_line_cursor

Fetching orig_line_cursor

Inserting into RA_CUSTOMER_TRX_LINESPopulating ZX_TRANSACTION_LINES_GTCurrent system time is 05-DEC-2011 13:14:11

APP-AR-11526: ORA-20100: Error: FND_FILE failure. Unable to create file,

begin arp_etax_recurr_util . insert_line ( :orig_line_id , :new_line_i

APP-AR-11526: 8640456/ar/lib/arreci.lpc 1215

arxrec – Returned from arreci. Return Value 0

arxrec: Error from arreci

Executing request completion options…
Output file size:


Finished executing request completion options.

ARXREC: Error from arreci.


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